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Delmhorst BDX-30 Moisture Meter with Behind the Wall Package

Delmhorst BDX-30 Moisture Meter with Behind the Wall Package

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The powerful BDX-30 brings all the design elements and functionality of the BDX-20 and introduces Bluetooth® integration to the Navigator family with the Delmhorst EDGE™ app!  This exciting addition to the meter enhances your ability to ensure precise readings and export data from anywhere, including geotags and timestamps.  With the EDGE™ app, users can also select from 37 species and materials.  The BDX-30 brings today’s technology from the field to the office,  making the most challenging project easier, more efficient, and most accurate.

Features and Specifications

  • Delmhorst EDGE app with Bluetooth® connectivity
  • Large, custom display with auto backlight - easy to read under all conditions.
  • Species/Materials – download up to 12 into the meter out of 37 available
  • MC range:
    • 6%-60% Wood (Douglas Fir)
    • 0.1% -6% Drywall
    • 0-100 Reference scale*
  • Wood temperature correction (°F/°C)
  • Alarm set point - alerts to user-selected MC level
  • On-screen statistics – High, Low, Average, Standard Deviation, View all readings
  • Internal calibration check
  • Pins/electrode correction (insulated or non-insulated)
  • Integral contact pins max 5/16” penetration (use 2498/A-100)
  • Compatible with any Delmhorst external electrode.
  • Color-coded LED’s – adjustable through EDGE™ app
  • Sturdy plastic carrying case – included
  • Power – 2x AA batteries – Alkaline Energizer included
  • “Low Batt” warning with audio
  • Auto off timer. Set to 1 min, 4 min or 10 min
  • QR code on meter for easy access to support materials
  • Size: meter only - 8.65in (2.2mm) x 2.85in (72mm) x 1.55in (39mm); in carry case - 9.5in (241mm) x 6.5in (165mm) x 2.5in (64mm)
  • Weight: meter only - 0.4.5oz (1.3g); in carry case - 18oz (510g)
  • 2-year warranty on manufacturer’s defects. Bonus extended warranty with on-line registration.

*If you or your team are accustomed to the BD-2100 Reference scale, the EDGE™ app allows you to select that scale as well as the standard BDX Reference scale.


  • BDX-30 Moisture Meter
  • 21-E Electrode (3" Pins)
  • Carrying Case
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